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Distribution Policy
Distribution Policy

Agent Process:
1. Application: complete the agent application form
2. Review: verify qualifications and conditions of intention partners
3. Discussion: the two sides negotiate and determine the specific details of cooperation
4. Contract: the two sides agreed to the contract sign
5. Start: practice the "business plan"

Commitment and support
A. Regional protection and classification of agent; Exclusive agent price;
B. After sale service: warranty of 24 months; 1 months of free exchange of goods(not including non conventional and custom products)
C. Product technical support, product training, brand promotion

1. Product training: the company hire well-known lecturers and senior industry sales specialists for normal LED product knowledge and sales, management and marketing ideas for training; provide comprehensive product knowledge, marketing and store sales skill, marketing ideas of training and management and store sale system for dealers and distributors sales team, to help customer train more excellent talents;
2. Technical support: from the bid book to business negotiations, the project design,construction and installation of customer services, product marketing strategy formulation, implementation of promotional activities, yxg led has high-quality talents; choose and come to us, we will provide you a reasonable risk aversion.
3. Brand promotion: the company will carry out the national as well as international series activities, offering gifts or allowing more profits to local large brand promotion events and promotional activities, fast increase brand visibility and influence, stimulate consumption to drive sales. The company building the network platform is to promote construction and help the sellers get more customer resources and project information;

Incentive policy
1. Wholesale, retail return 1-5% of the sales
2. Project, return 5-10% of the sales